Some of the Best Places to Check Out in Maui –

Renting a jeep on Maui

Introduction –

Due to the pandemic, in most of the areas in Maui, the cabins are open and the tent camping may be closed. Continue reading to find out more about the same. Besides all of that, Wainaps, also known as Wainapananapa is a home to the popular black sand beach. It is one of the most popular spots, which is a must see. Even if you are choosing to camp somewhere else, this is a spot which you must not miss. For a walk-in entry to all the vehicles, reservations are now required. You can check online and make a parking reservation for up to 2 weeks in advance. You can also choose for Renting a jeep on Maui and enjoy your camping activities. There are total of six car camping permits that is available every day. So, if you are choosing to camp in Wainaps, then make sure that you get your reservations speedily as it fills up fast.

Cost of the Cabins and Camping –

Besides that, the price for a campervan permit is $18/per night and additional $3/night for extra guests. If you have an ID which is of Hawaii, then they will charge 33%. If you have an early booking, it can be nice and you can even have a look at the cabins. Apart from all of that, in the last 5 years they have done extensive renovations to the cabins and are a perfect getaway from the outer world of people. A jeep wrangler offered by Zazu campers also has amenities and is more than just camping. Whereas the cabins are there, they offer multiple bunks, hot plate, full size fridge, kitchen sink, bathroom shower and beauteous covered porch all for $90 only per night for non-residents.

Coastal Pathway –

Whenever you enter the park, it can happen that you can get a bit confused as to where to go for camping. So, make sure that you refer the state website, so that you can know where to park the car for camping. When you book with Zazu campers, they will guide you and provide you with a list of suggestions which comprises of where to park the jeep for camping. You are not permitted to camp in the parking area and camp ground. From the black sand beach, there is a coastal pathway down to the end of the park and it is a place worth checking out. Make sure to check out all the caves on the way down the beach. There is a legend that says that the Hawaiian Princess Popoalaea escaped from her abusive husband, who was chief Kakae. That time, she was hiding in one of the caves while her maid was fanning her inside the cave with Kahili also known as the royal feathers.

The Legend of Princess Popoalaea –

So, the princess husband Kakae noticed the feathers and the maid fanning the princess and then killed the princess on spot. Sometimes a thousand of shrimp gather in the pools, turning the water red, which signifies the blood of the princess in the water. One of the amazing things that you will know is that, there is so much of mana i.e., energy in these areas that you can feel it.